Dennis van der Velde

Dennis van der Velde (23) is one of the new recruits at Marpower. He is currently following a traineeship to further develop himself after studying electrical engineering in Groningen (with a major in mechatronics). He is therefore happy to share his experiences here, after almost a year of working at Marpower. Working with electronics is something that has fascinated Dennis for a long time. “It fascinates me. How you can combine different properties of components to create a functioning system.” He is also passionate about electronics at home. “I have many projects going on at the same time at home. Then I get ideas online and work on them in my spare time. For example, I am currently working on making a frequency converter and designing a demo unit for it.

It fascinates me. How you can combine different properties of components to create a functioning system.

Multi-functional and improvisational

After his graduation project on power electronics, Dennis came to Marpower through his graduation supervisor. “Since March 2022, I have been following a traineeship within the Systems Business Unit at Marpower, where I am gaining experience in various departments.” He worked for the Service department, Marpower Automation System (MAS) and since the beginning of this year for Power Systems.

During his traineeship, Dennis learned many skills, such as (periodic) maintenance, repairs, commissioning installation products and troubleshooting. The latter especially appeals to him. “With a malfunction, for example, you don’t know exactly what you’re going to hit. For example, I once had to go to Lübeck, Germany, where a ship’s bow thruster stopped working.”

It took a while before Dennis and his colleagues found out what the problem was. “You are already philosophizing with your colleagues in advance about what the problem could be, but no one knows for sure. Then you take measurements there, make a diagnosis and then try to solve the problem. I see solving those problems as a challenge. You have to think analytically, rule things out, but you also have to be creative and improvise. You don’t always have everything at hand. Then you swap components, for example, to see whether the problem moves along.”

Dennis delen van kennis

Sharing knowledge

Dennis has recently gained experience in various departments, where older colleagues are ready to help. There is a lot of new knowledge for him to gain. I had a lot of training in the beginning to get to know the products and systems and how everything works.”

After the traineeship

After Power Systems, Dennis will have one more department to continue learning during his traineeship at Marpower. In the second half of this year he will go to R&D (development) to continue learning until the end of the year. “At the end of 2023 I have to decide which department I want to go to and which position I want to fill within Marpower. But I’m not sure yet which one it will be.”

Dennis is looking forward to staying with Marpower for a longer period of time. “There are plenty of opportunities for me to grow. I would also like to continue to develop myself in technology. Marpower can certainly offer me that.”

Tips for new employees

Finally, Dennis has a few tips for people who are thinking about working at Marpower or following a traineeship. “When you start a traineeship, you get the opportunity to perform various functions in multiple departments. This gives you a clear picture of the organization and you develop a good network of colleagues.”

He also recommends constantly challenging yourself. “Be eager to learn. Show initiative, but also set goals for yourself. They keep you sharp, motivated and ensure that you continue to develop. For example, I want to further develop myself into someone who is practically indispensable within Marpower.”

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