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With his economic background, Project Manager Bartjan Moser adds a valuable perspective to Marpower’s technical team. His passion for both organization and complex technology is channeled into managing and executing projects. Bartjan talks about his responsibilities at Eekels, the satisfaction he derives from his work, and the challenges it entails.

Fourteen years ago, thanks to a tip from a friend, Bartjan Moser took his first steps into the world of yacht building. De Keizer Marine Engineering, now part of Eekels, was looking for someone with an economic background to join the technical team as a project leader. After holding various positions within the company, Bartjan ended up in the Automation department at Marpower. “I have always found the alarm, monitoring, and control system to be a very impressive system. When I got the chance to work as a project leader in this department, I was immediately enthusiastic.”

I get the most satisfaction from completing a project on time and within budget,”

Bartjan's Role as Project Manager

An interest in organization and technology drives Bartjan in his role as Project Manager at Marpower. “I have a passion for understanding things that are technically complex and figuring out how they are organized both business-wise and technically.” This passion is invaluable in his job, where he is responsible for directing the technical execution of projects.


As a Project Manager, Bartjan is involved in the development and sale of products from the very beginning. Alongside the Sales department, he looks at the client’s needs and how Marpower can meet them. Once the project starts, Bartjan leads a project team consisting of a Hardware Lead Engineer hardware, a Software Lead Engineer, and a Technical Manager. “With this group, we precisely fulfill the client’s wishes.”

Barjan als projectmanager
Voldoening en uitdagingen

Satisfaction and challenges

“I get the most satisfaction from completing a project on time and within budget,” Bartjan explains. This task comes with its challenges, especially since Marpower’s projects last about three years. “You deal with many changes along the way, both from the client and internally.” Technologies and standards change, and sometimes there is staff turnover during a project. It’s up to Bartjan to find the right solution for each project.

A unique employer in yacht building

Working in yacht building is both unique and challenging, according to Bartjan. “It’s a unique, but beautiful world,” he says. “The pressure is often high, clients are not used to hearing ‘no,’ and they can be critical.” This requires some stress resistance and the ability to set clear boundaries. In this sometimes hectic world, he finds Eekels to be a reliable employer that takes good care of its staff. “Eekels is part of the TBI foundation, which reinvests our profits in both the staff and social goals. For example, TBI pays part of the study costs for employees’ children. I think that’s a nice gesture.”

Stay curious

Bartjan’s advice to new employees is clear: “Ask a lot of questions!” The diversity and breadth of the projects at Eekels ensure that no day is the same. You must enjoy variety and constantly learning new things. This curiosity characterizes the Marpower team, Bartjan believes. “We are all people who find the world of shipbuilding very fascinating and want to make something special out of it.”

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