Giorgo Sameti

After a job that required a lot of travel, Software Commission Engineer Giorgo Sameti was ready for more stability and a greater focus on his passion: software. He joined Marpower six months ago and found that a job is more than just work: “It’s the people that make the difference.”

Before starting at Marpower, Giorgo worked as an automation engineer for both hardware and software in various sectors. A few years ago, he joined a company in the maritime industry through a friend. This sector piqued his interest, but the job required a lot of travel. After a while, he sought more stability and decided to apply to Marpower.

I did not know the company beforehand, but during my job interview I became convinced that this was a good place to work and grow.

The next step in the maritime sector

As a Software Commission Engineer, Giorgo creates software solutions for clients. These are designed to be as standardized as possible for optimal efficiency, but sometimes clients have specific requests. The challenge then is to create a working product without new features clashing with existing components or processes, Giorgo explains.

His previous work experience in the maritime sector is very useful in his role. “My previous employer did very different things than Marpower, but they follow the same regulations and often work with the same suppliers,” he explains.

“This made it relatively easy for me to adapt to this new job.” While he quickly found his footing at Marpower in terms of content, it still takes time to learn new processes, methods, and a new organization. Fortunately, Giorgo can rely on the help of his colleagues. “They are incredibly friendly and there is no pressure.”

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Quickly finding his place

It’s the colleagues and the work atmosphere that make working at Marpower so enjoyable, Giorgo believes. During his onboarding, he noticed that many employees are around the same age and that he shares many common interests with them. He soon found his place within the team.

He finds the social aspect very important. “It takes the pressure off because you know that if you can’t figure something out, there is always someone to help you. Even if they don’t have the solution, you often come up with new ideas through conversation.” This exchange of ideas drives Giorgo both in his work at Marpower and in his private life. “I enjoy being around people who have ideas. The way others think inspires me. Hearing something I hadn’t thought of can improve me both personally and professionally.” This curiosity is appreciated at Marpower, Giorgo says. “They ask what you want to learn, but you can also always express that yourself, even if you want to learn something within another department.”

An informal work atmosphere

Giorgo describes the culture at Marpower as relaxed and straightforward. He describes the organizational structure as flat. For example, a meeting with management is standard on the agenda for new employees, which Giorgo found to be a very informal conversation. “This is the first job where I feel that management is close to me as an employee,” he says. “They see you as a person, not just as a colleague.” Additionally, activities are organized outside of work. The team has gone ice skating and go-karting, but there are also regular informal gatherings.

Furthermore, Giorgo finds that Marpower is clear and transparent in communication with employees. “They tell you exactly what you need to do, no beating around the bush. That’s very important for techies like me!” he laughs.

The bigger picture

Finally, Giorgo emphasizes that he really enjoys being part of his team. That’s what he wants to convey to new or potential employees. “Try to see the bigger picture of what you want to do. A job is not just a job. It’s also about who you work with and what you do. It’s the people who make or break the work.”

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