Privacy Statement

Gravity Forms

Our forms are displayed using the Gravity Forms plugin (from Rocketgenius, Inc.).

When submitting a form, the data is stored in the WordPress database. Possible personal data are also stored here. In addition to the completed fields, the form also stores the user’s IP address. We do this to block any SPAMmers.

This information is not shared with Rocketgenius in any way.

Savvii BV

The website hosting is provided by the WordPress host Savvii BV. The website files and database are located on their servers. This database also stores some personal data, including the data entered on forms. This includes Name, Position, Company name, Email address, Telephone number, Website, Address and IP address.


The marketing automation system used is ActiveCampaign. This database system stores data about people/companies. Personal data that may be stored here are: Name, Position, Company name, E-mail address, Telephone number, Website, Address.

In addition to the above data, if you give us permission to install cookies, we also keep track of which pages you visit on the website. This offers us the opportunity to offer you content that suits you.

Our newsletters and email campaigns are also sent with ActiveCampaign. We keep track of who clicks on which link so that we can see which type of content appeals best to the target group of the newsletter / campaigns.

The data in ActiveCampaign is hosted by them via AWS in the US. For more information see ActiveCampaign:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA4) tracks the traffic on our website. With the help of this tool, website performance and effects of marketing activities are analyzed. GA4 records, among other things:

  • From which location are you visiting the website?
  • From which source do you come to this website?
  • How long will you stay on this website?
  • Which pages do you view?
  • What level of interaction (engagement) is there with the pages visited?
  • What kind of device / operating system / browser do you use?
  • Which forms do you fill in?


GA4 uses IP addresses to link a city name, continent, country, region and subcontinent to a user. IP addresses and personal data of users are never stored. The data collected is stored for a maximum of 14 months and also processed on servers within the continent where the organization is located. Within the collected data it is possible (on request) to delete the data of a specific user. If you want to prevent data from a website visit from being collected, you can install the Google Chrome opt-out browser add-on.

The collection and processing of data is anonymous and data is not collected or processed by third parties. Google may provide information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have entered into a processing agreement with Google and prohibit Google from using the obtained analytics information for other Google services.

Google Tag Manager

This website uses Google Tag Manager. This allows us to manage various (tracking) codes (tags) on the website. Tag Manager itself does not register any personal data and only ensures that certain tags are activated or not.

The data stored by Google is hosted in the US.

Google Optimize

We regularly test our website to see on which page variant a visitor best achieves his/her goal. We do this with the help of Google Optimize. With this we test two or more different variants of the same page. Google Optimize keeps track of which page variant you have seen and what you click through on the relevant page.

The data stored by Google is hosted in the US.

Google Fonts

The website uses fonts via Google Fonts so that the website matches our corporate identity. When you visit this website, your browser will load it into your cache to display text properly. To do this, your browser connects to Google’s servers, so that Google sees that you are visiting our website from your IP address.

The data stored by Google is hosted in the US.

Google reCAPTCHA

This website uses “Google reCAPTCHA” (hereinafter referred to as “reCAPTCHA”). The reCAPTCHA function checks whether the forms on this website (for example the login and the contact form) are completed by people (and not by bots). As soon as you visit our website, reCAPTCHA makes a behavioral analysis of the interaction between your browser and the website. This does not contain any personal data, but does contain scrolling behavior, mouse behavior, and time on pages. The data is sent to Google’s servers and analyzed.


Videos on the website are in some cases hosted by YouTube, part of Google. YouTube keeps track of which videos you watch and how far you have watched a video.

The data stored by Google is hosted in the US.

Microsoft Clarity

We use Microsoft Clarity to measure the user experience / usability of our website. Microsoft Clarity collects anonymous usage information from our website, including the pages you visit and the generation of heat maps and recordings based on mouse movement / clicks and scrolling. Microsoft Clarity does not collect completed form fields or personal data.

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We use Hotjar to measure the user experience / usability of our website. Hotjar collects anonymous usage information from our website, including the pages you visit and generating heat maps based on mouse movement/clicks. Hotjar does not collect completed form fields or personal data.

Hotjar’s data is hosted by AWS in Ireland.


Zapier is used to connect certain services together. Data you enter in one service can be forwarded to another service via a ‘Zap’ (a connection between two services in Zapier). For example from Typeform to ActiveCampaign.

Zapier stores the login details of each service encrypted. They need that to perform the zap. That data is only used for the zaps. This data is hosted at Zapier by AWS in the US.


Typeform is an external forms tool that we regularly use for questionnaires in addition to Gravity Forms. The answers to the form fields – which in some cases also contain personal data – are stored on Typeform’s servers via AWS in the US.

In some cases, the completed forms are also forwarded to Activecampaign and the website.

Third-party tracking

A number of third-party tracking codes (services) are used on this website to display advertisements that are relevant to the pages you have visited on our website. Services on which we show these advertisements are from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have an account with one of the above parties, their privacy policy may state that they can link your visit to our website to your profile on their website. As a result, your visit to our website may be shared with the parties below.

We do not share personal data with any of these services.


In our Cookie Statement you will find an overview of all Cookies that run on this website.


This Privacy Statement may be changed. Changes to this Privacy Statement will be published on the website.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us.

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